Amherst should seize chance to promote women to office

Joan Elizabeth Seamans (Left), Karen McMahon (Right)

Joan Elizabeth Seamans (Left), Karen McMahon (Right)

More women need to run for public office. The men seem to be having some problems these days. Or at least that’s what President Barack Obama recently said in a speech in South Africa.

Well, Obama will surely be pleased at the Amherst election lineup this year with two local women tossing their skirts into the ring for the New York State Senate and Assembly.

Two new faces on the political scene. A lawyer and a business owner. Articulate and smart, offering their skills and talents to work on behalf of the public. Both interested in representing the people, two great choices, Democrats, running for the first time against incumbent Republicans. Two new women against two sitting guys.

Amherst is currently represented by Assembly minority member Ray Walter and long-term Senate leadership member Mike Ranzenhofer. Both career politicians, long in the tooth, and scant in record of accomplishment.

Ranzenhofer is memorable for holding up closing the LLC loophole (which essentially disguises campaign donors, including his) sponsoring a law making yogurt the official New York State snack, and allowing your pet to be buried with you.

Walter, a former county legislator, also earns low marks in the accomplishment department. No noticeable achievements during his Assembly tenure. Previously, undistinguished service on the County Legislature.

Performance, or lack thereof, is what we are all measured by. In school, our jobs, in life. Incumbent officials running for re-election should be carefully evaluated on their accomplishments, particularly when challenged by an able opponent.

That’s the race in Amherst this year. Voters are offered a clear and welcome choice for change. Two newbies against two oldies. The choice between more of the same or not. Karen McMahon in Assembly and Joan Elizabeth Seamans in State Senate. For the people.

Obama would be delighted they have tossed their skirts into the ring. Me, too.

Michele Marconi


Source: Buffalo News