Assembly candidate Karen McMahon condemns opponent’s absurd attack on health care reform

Ray Walter has done nothing to improve health care, while premiums keep going up and coverage is worsening.

“Ray Walter’s attacks on my efforts to improve health care coverage and reduce costs for all New Yorkers are absurd. His negative ads are full of ridiculous claims and scare tactics meant to cover up his failure to bring forward any of his own ideas to address this growing problem that is hurting our families.

“Here are the facts: Health care is far too expensive but no one in Albany or Washington is doing anything about it. I will fight to tackle this issue and ensure every Western New Yorker has dependable care regardless of pre-existing conditions and income. It starts with getting rid of sky-high premiums, cutting governmental red tape to lower costs, helping hospitals secure grants and preventing insurance and drug companies from price gouging. Every independent analysis shows that the changes I support would reduce costs for all New Yorkers and improve coverage. Mr. Walter may be content with our current health care system, but I am not. He hides behind negative attacks and distortions, and fails to offer a single idea to improve our health care system.”