Assembly candidate Karen McMahon fighting for better health care and coverage for WNY


Karen McMahon, candidate for New York State Assembly in the 146th District, outlined her plan to improve health care and make it more affordable and accessible to Western New York families.

“Every day it seems the cost of health care goes up and our families are receiving less,” said McMahon. “Whether it’s a yearly checkup or a cancer screening, we should be able to access the care we need without the prospect of astronomical medical bills. We need a health care system that takes care of everyone, regardless of pre-existing conditions or income.”

McMahon’s plan takes a multi-pronged approach to improving and expanding health coverage while making care more readily available. She has vowed to fight for lower insurance premiums and cut red tape that inflates costs. She will also work to curb the rising price of prescription drugs and expand access to medical facilities across Western New York so that people can get the care they need and deserve. In addition, she will push back against wasteful practices by insurance and prescription drug companies that lead to high costs for families.

Further, McMahon is committed to addressing the opioid crisis that is devastating communities throughout the region. She will push for better coverage for addiction treatment so more people struggling with dependence can get into recovery. McMahon knows that drug manufacturers promoted overprescription and played a major role in the crisis, and she will fight to make sure they’re held responsible. She will work to ensure that more public employees at places like parks and libraries are trained to administer lifesaving Narcan to reverse overdoses. McMahon will also be a strong ally for first responders to ensure they have the resources to tackle the opioid epidemic.

“Our friends, neighbors, loved ones – we’ve all seen the tragic aftermath of the opioid crisis,” McMahon said. “The drug companies that lulled us into a false sense of security need to be taken to task, and the people struggling to overcome dependence deserve comprehensive treatment.”