Assembly candidate Karen McMahon condemns opponent’s absurd attack on health care reform

Ray Walter has done nothing to improve health care, while premiums keep going up and coverage is worsening.

“Ray Walter’s attacks on my efforts to improve health care coverage and reduce costs for all New Yorkers are absurd. His negative ads are full of ridiculous claims and scare tactics meant to cover up his failure to bring forward any of his own ideas to address this growing problem that is hurting our families.

“Here are the facts: Health care is far too expensive but no one in Albany or Washington is doing anything about it. I will fight to tackle this issue and ensure every Western New Yorker has dependable care regardless of pre-existing conditions and income. It starts with getting rid of sky-high premiums, cutting governmental red tape to lower costs, helping hospitals secure grants and preventing insurance and drug companies from price gouging. Every independent analysis shows that the changes I support would reduce costs for all New Yorkers and improve coverage. Mr. Walter may be content with our current health care system, but I am not. He hides behind negative attacks and distortions, and fails to offer a single idea to improve our health care system.”


Assembly candidate Karen McMahon fighting for better health care and coverage for WNY


Karen McMahon, candidate for New York State Assembly in the 146th District, outlined her plan to improve health care and make it more affordable and accessible to Western New York families.

“Every day it seems the cost of health care goes up and our families are receiving less,” said McMahon. “Whether it’s a yearly checkup or a cancer screening, we should be able to access the care we need without the prospect of astronomical medical bills. We need a health care system that takes care of everyone, regardless of pre-existing conditions or income.”

McMahon’s plan takes a multi-pronged approach to improving and expanding health coverage while making care more readily available. She has vowed to fight for lower insurance premiums and cut red tape that inflates costs. She will also work to curb the rising price of prescription drugs and expand access to medical facilities across Western New York so that people can get the care they need and deserve. In addition, she will push back against wasteful practices by insurance and prescription drug companies that lead to high costs for families.

Further, McMahon is committed to addressing the opioid crisis that is devastating communities throughout the region. She will push for better coverage for addiction treatment so more people struggling with dependence can get into recovery. McMahon knows that drug manufacturers promoted overprescription and played a major role in the crisis, and she will fight to make sure they’re held responsible. She will work to ensure that more public employees at places like parks and libraries are trained to administer lifesaving Narcan to reverse overdoses. McMahon will also be a strong ally for first responders to ensure they have the resources to tackle the opioid epidemic.

“Our friends, neighbors, loved ones – we’ve all seen the tragic aftermath of the opioid crisis,” McMahon said. “The drug companies that lulled us into a false sense of security need to be taken to task, and the people struggling to overcome dependence deserve comprehensive treatment.”

Assembly candidate Karen McMahon pledges to clean up Albany, fight for real ethics reform  


             New York State Assembly candidate Karen McMahon unveiled her ethics platform, which includes increasing oversight of state economic development projects, getting dark money out of politics, strictly limiting outside income for legislators and strengthening sexual harassment policies.

            “Our state leaders always talk tough about tackling corruption, but nothing ever actually changes,” said McMahon. “This year alone, we’ve seen multiple convictions for bid-rigging and pay-to-play politics. In Albany, I’ll stand up to self-serving career politicians and pass real ethics reform to ensure that our voices are heard loud and clear.”

            McMahon knows that Western New York families are already over-taxed and cannot afford to have their government spend wastefully or unethically. To better protect working people, she’ll fight for greater transparency of state economic development projects to ensure these initiatives actually help our economy – and aren’t just a handout to high-powered political donors.

            As a first-time candidate, McMahon has seen how that money can be a huge barrier preventing non-traditional candidates like herself from running for office. That is why she will fight to close the “LLC loophole,” which allows wealthy donors to make essentially anonymous donations in excess of state contribution limits. She will also push for more comprehensive campaign finance reform to get untraceable dark money out of our elections.

            McMahon understands that, as long as legislators are allowed to simultaneously hold high-paying outside jobs, there is the potential for conflicts of interest. She will push to strictly limit outside income to ensure that our representatives are serving for the right reasons.

            The ouster of high-ranking state leaders over sexual assault and harassment charges has shown that, in the #MeToo era, New York desperately needs to update its laws. McMahon will work to strengthen sexual harassment policies and make sure every victim has their story heard and has an opportunity to seek justice.

“I want our state government to be more honest and open, led by representatives who will lead with integrity and courage,” said McMahon. “But first, we must overhaul Albany’s broken system and make sure that the concerns of hardworking New York families always come first.”

McMahon is running for State Assembly in the 146th Assembly District, which includes the towns of Amherst and Pendleton.

Unions endorse Karen McMahon in bid for the 146th Assembly District seat


State Assembly candidate Karen McMahon announced that she has received endorsements from seven labor unions in her bid to represent the 146th Assembly District. McMahon is a mother, a lawyer and an advocate for students with disabilities who understands the vital role unions play in advancing workers’ rights.

“We can only move forward when we work together,” McMahon said. “Unions are at the heart of that. We need to make sure they are protected now more than ever. When we support unions, we lift up the middle class and build a bright future for Western New York.”

McMahon is committed to standing up for unions in Albany, including protecting the right to collective bargaining. She’ll also fight to keep public employees’ personal information, including addresses and phone numbers, private to protect them from harassment by anti-union groups.

“We support Karen for Assembly because we need an advocate in Albany. She will be a powerful voice for working families in Albany and a proud defender of public education,” said Michelle Licht, President of the Williamsville Teachers Association. “She understands what is important to us and us willing to fight for it.”

McMahon will also advocate to bring good-paying jobs and strengthen job training programs, both of which will help attract the next generation of workers to Western New York. To keep their cost of living down, she’ll fight for affordable and reliable health care that covers families regardless of pre-existing conditions.

“Karen is strong on all the issues that are important to our members from the right to affordable, high quality healthcare, quality education for our children to protecting the environment,” said Debora Hayes, Communications Workers of America Area 1 District Director. “She believes in the principles of organized labor, including fair labor standards, a livable wage, the right to organize and collectively bargain, and economic security for working families.”

McMahon has been endorsed by New York State United Teachers (NYSUT), the New York State American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1342, Ironworkers Local 6, Western New York Council of Communications Workers of America (WNY CWA), United Auto Workers of America (UAW) New York State Region 9 and Elevator Constructors Local 15.

Assembly candidate Karen McMahon unveils economic platform to help WNY families thrive


           New York State Assembly candidate Karen McMahon detailed her economic plan, which is focused on bringing more good-paying jobs to our communities, fighting for a fairer tax code and increasing the transparency of state economic development programs.

            “For far too long, our state government has overlooked the interests of upstate families,” said McMahon. “In Albany, I’ll fight to create an economy that supports working people and doesn’t burden them with high taxes, instead of one that just helps the rich get richer. We need to invest in our young people and ensure there are opportunities here so they aren’t forced to leave the region.”

            As the mother of three daughters who recently entered the workforce, McMahon knows that we need to ensure our young people can flourish here. She’ll advocate for job training programs that prepare the next generation for careers in technology-driven fields and other high-demand sectors of the 21st-century economy. McMahon will also strive to invest in these emerging fields, like green technology, to bring the jobs of tomorrow to Western New York as well as combat climate change. To help local businesses transport their goods safely and efficiently, she’ll fight for state funding to repair and replace our aging infrastructure.

            Like the rest of us, McMahon is fed up with Albany corruption, particularly the stream of convictions surrounding state economic development projects. If elected, she’ll work to increase accountability and oversight of these programs because the taxpayers who fund these projects deserve to know their money is being spent wisely. 

            Without changes to our tax code, local families will continue to face difficulties saving enough for their futures. McMahon will fight against the wealthy special interests that have rigged our tax system against working people. She’ll also support legal action against the 2017 federal tax law that could devastate upstate communities, as well as increase access to vital tax breaks like enhanced STAR so more seniors can afford to stay in their homes. 

            “I’m fighting for a government and a state that looks out for regular people like us, instead of coddling the wealthy few,” said McMahon. “By working together, we can make the future brighter for our children and protect our way of life here in Western New York.”

            McMahon is running for State Assembly in the 146th Assembly District, which includes the towns of Amherst and Pendleton.

Amherst should seize chance to promote women to office

Joan Elizabeth Seamans (Left), Karen McMahon (Right)

Joan Elizabeth Seamans (Left), Karen McMahon (Right)

More women need to run for public office. The men seem to be having some problems these days. Or at least that’s what President Barack Obama recently said in a speech in South Africa.

Well, Obama will surely be pleased at the Amherst election lineup this year with two local women tossing their skirts into the ring for the New York State Senate and Assembly.

Two new faces on the political scene. A lawyer and a business owner. Articulate and smart, offering their skills and talents to work on behalf of the public. Both interested in representing the people, two great choices, Democrats, running for the first time against incumbent Republicans. Two new women against two sitting guys.

Amherst is currently represented by Assembly minority member Ray Walter and long-term Senate leadership member Mike Ranzenhofer. Both career politicians, long in the tooth, and scant in record of accomplishment.

Ranzenhofer is memorable for holding up closing the LLC loophole (which essentially disguises campaign donors, including his) sponsoring a law making yogurt the official New York State snack, and allowing your pet to be buried with you.

Walter, a former county legislator, also earns low marks in the accomplishment department. No noticeable achievements during his Assembly tenure. Previously, undistinguished service on the County Legislature.

Performance, or lack thereof, is what we are all measured by. In school, our jobs, in life. Incumbent officials running for re-election should be carefully evaluated on their accomplishments, particularly when challenged by an able opponent.

That’s the race in Amherst this year. Voters are offered a clear and welcome choice for change. Two newbies against two oldies. The choice between more of the same or not. Karen McMahon in Assembly and Joan Elizabeth Seamans in State Senate. For the people.

Obama would be delighted they have tossed their skirts into the ring. Me, too.

Michele Marconi


Source: Buffalo News

Grelick out, McMahon in as Walter’s Assembly opponent


Democrats in the Amherst-based 146th Assembly District on Wednesday nominated attorney Karen M. McMahon as their candidate against Republican incumbent Raymond W. Walter in November.

The move ends the potential for a Democratic primary featuring Susan J. Grelick after the former Amherst supervisor said Thursday that the possibility of a Democratic takeover of the Senate prompts her to remain as counsel to Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins, who could become the chamber’s next majority leader.

Grelick earlier this year had told supporters she was considering the race against Walter, then withdrew, was back in again, and is now out again.

"Things have changed in the Senate," she said Thursday. "It would be very exciting and I hope Sen. Stewart-Cousins becomes majority leader. I want to stay with Sen. Stewart-Cousins."

Now McMahon appears poised to mount a strong challenge to Walter, another attorney who won by a slim margin in his 2016 re-election bid. McMahon has worked for 30 years as a law clerk to Appellate Division judges and to the late U.S. District Judge John T. Curtin.

"As an attorney and as a mother of three daughters who is deeply concerned about how national political trends will affect the future of all New Yorkers, I intend to be a strong voice in Albany for this district and the people of Western New York," she said. "Whether it’s the economy, education, the environment, or the rights of women to stand as equal citizens in every way, we have a lot of work to do, and I can’t wait to get started."

A Buffalo native and longtime Williamsville resident, McMahon earned her undergraduate and law degrees from the University at Buffalo. She and her husband, Jeff, maintain a private law practice that represents parents of children with special educational needs.

Source: Buffalo News